Recording the display of your phone was a lot of trouble, but now there are many applications that can do this task.

In this blog, I’ll say how you can record your screen using Google’s YouTube Gaming App.

YouTube gaming is a special application that lets you watch live gaming streams, but it also lets you record or stream directly from your Android device.

To live stream your games on YouTube, you do not need additional hardware or software.

Both your desktop and mobile phone can stream quickly live.

YouTube gaming is not only used to record gameplay, but you can also record screencasts of any app on your Android Phone.

To get started you should download the YouTube Gaming App from Play Store

When you download the app for very first time tap the profile icon in the right top up hand corner and select sign in to login into your Google profile.

If you don’t do this you will be able to record but you can’t do any live streams.

Now select the stream button from the top and select the record or stream options.

Below you can find options for the video quality.

After clicking on the next button, you’ll find the list of apps on your phone.

You can scroll down and select all apps in case if your app is not on the list.

Then click on the required app.

In the next screen, you’ll be given a toolbar on the top by which you can turn on/off your front-facing camera or microphone.

While recording YouTube Gaming will record everything that is present on your screen.

This means if you jump out the screen to see an email or chat with your friend then everything will be streamed.

But this gives you an additional feature when you are creating an instruction video which lets you jump from one app to the other.

Once you’re done select the circle or stop button.

After that, you’ll have a screen where you can set the start and stop of the video and set according to your preference.

Give your video a title and then a description.

After that press the forward button to upload the video to the YouTube Channel.

If you have used the YouTube Gaming in the past let us know in the comments about your reviews.