To detect Radar Hack on your servers, PUBG has implemented the anti- cheat software called Battleye. Up to 30 000 players, including 16 professional players, have so far been prohibited.

About Pubg:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online Battle Royale multiplayer game created and published by the South Korean video game company Bluehole, subsidiary of PUBG Corporation. This game is based upon previous mods that Brendan “PlayerUnknown “Greene created for other games with inspiration from the movie Battle Royale to become an autonomous game under the creative direction of Greene. In the game, up to 100 players parachute for weapons and equipment on an ice and scoop for killing others while preventing themselves from being killed. The safety area available on the game map decreases over time and forces surviving players to meet more tightly. This round is won by the final player or team.

However, just like any game that is super-hit on a large scale, PUBG has also taken a great deal of attention to allow players to illegally exploit different cheats and take advantage. Anti-cheat drive was taken by developers earlier this year and was somewhat successful. However, cheaters had other ways of exploit, indirectly acquiring an unfair advantage, the game’s loopholes. There was therefore another round of the anti-cheat drive.

A new Vikendi Snow Map for PUBG Mobile users was recently launched by PUBG Corp. A more stringent rule as well as security features is provided in the latest update (Update version 0.10.0). The update follows the massive attack by PUBG Corp against over 30,000 fraudulent account players.

How does this Hacking work?

Radar Hacking is a method where users can obtain information from a server and collect data from an external device by virtual private network (VPN). This technology allows you to use the VPN (virtual private network). The process allowed these users to view the position of all players on a secondary device to make winning easier.

The Radar Hack enabled players to view opposing player positions via a second monitor or smartphone app. You would already be dead to the normal player if you heard footsteps in the vicinity.

This technique also helps players to easily kill people even if their shots are missing. With the Radar Hack cheat, players can basically make use of (hack) the game by sharing information of other players on the map.

How PUBG corporation identified this hack?

PUBG Corporation is reported to have carried out an anti-cheat drive on its servers to flag players using different cheats and hacks to get an unfair benefit from other players. The Battleye software identifies the popular Radar Hack cheat and bannes the users from the game, ultimately. The most recent incident with the use of the software resulted in the prohibition of 30 000 PUBG players, including some of the world-famous players.

Every time the developers make use of the counterfeit software, various innocent players are caught up on the Internet and are not permitted to play the game.’ Cann Ozdemir'(TEXQS) is banned and investigated for using the cheat Radar Hack. Other popular players in the universe of PUBG, including Papaya, Cageman, PlayerJones, Hoffmann88, Sezk0, Houlow, and Kraqen, have been banned for now.

Installed in the new SNOW MAP, this Battleye software makes it difficult for hackers to make their tricks.

The hacks were apparently mostly used by users in Europe and Northern America participating in PUBG Mobile e- sport events. However, many such suspicious accounts have been taken down by PUBG Corp.

This is not the first scandal in the world of e- sports. Earlier this year, a five- year ban on Indians Counter- Strike: global offensive for sports pro was issued by the Esports Integrity Coalition.

However, note that PUBG MOBILE is not currently covered by anti- cheat software( for PC only) . Thus, mobile version players can continue to play the game. The latest Vikendi Mobile Version update gives players the opportunity to report suspected behaviour.