Women go out and are seen everywhere in the new era. Entrepreneurship offers them a deeper sense of satisfaction and achievement in order to create their own individuality in society.

Women’s businesses are defined as an act of ownership and innovation of firms that financially benefit women by increasing their trust and social leadership.

In antiquity, women were thought confined to the 4 walls of their home. This belief has long since passed. Women are part of every business sector and compete with men in the world today.

There are a lot of women’s entrepreneurship stories and success stories. There is the story of Padma Enterprises among all these stories. A story that says any dream can be achieved.

Mrs. Padma launched Padma Enterprises in 2016.  In Indian mythology, every new thing begins with the name Lord Ganesh. The same thing started the journey too. In three years ‘ time, Padma Enterprises have sold more than 1000 products in different Online markets, beginning with a small Ganesh key chain.

It all stemmed from the faith in her idea.

A team builds every large project. It’s a little overwhelming and there’s always a fear of “What if we do fail? Then the team comes to rescue.

Fortunately,  Mrs. Padma had a team, one individual with the ability to manage 10 people’s work her son Sampath. From arranging documents to listing products online and then establishing the whole company single handedly with keeping all the accounts of the transactions. His work ethics has always motivated Mrs. Padma, as he don’t know how to give up.

Padma Enterprises are now a renowned name for handicrafts. They sell their products online from a local start- up in Hyderabad to various Indian cities.

Certainly technology stood between it as a bridge, its goals and its dreams…

This story motivates all these women and their families that a woman can do anything.

With a pinch of support and a punch of motivation every thing is a few steps away.

What you’re good at does not matter, it won’t matter if you lose or win, it doesn’t matter when you begin.

You just need to take the first step and never give up.