Most individuals now discover that their friends write via social media or a sort of online media. But what some people don’t know is the bravery that we need to put this little connection in our bio to publish them efficiently for all to see.

Honestly, it requires a great deal of bravery to make writers who have sat down minutes, hours and days to share what they have developed, to shed their heart and soul into creating.

Self-writing is very personal, difficult to explain, but you likely could comprehend if you have ever kept a journal or diary.

It shows a more secretive and less known side of you, which may not even be known by aside. With what they write, so many individuals are very private.

One of my friends, who is very private about her article, vehemently refused to permit me to look at the article that she had written.

I wanted to assure her I don’t mind, but she did not allow me to see it anymore.

When I asked her why? she declared “because it is my personal feeling.”

Once shared, the views, remarks, opinions, and criticism of others are subjected to it.

I realized I needed to share and publicize my works when I started HackGenTips.

Mainly, with my work sharing being more of an adverse situation, I had entered this field to try and keep up my writing hobby.

When the people shared, they would come up and go, “I didn’t know you were writing.” I liked that because what I liked to do permitted me to speak about it.

It was up to individuals say, however, “wow, did you know it all writes” more snidely as if I had something to laugh at my writing and my pass time.

People would sometimes read my pieces and go, “That was strange” or, “you’d have to write the third person into it.” Um, all right.

What should I do with it? As long as it is constructive, I welcome criticism.

When individuals come up to me with random remarks to tell me to modify something about my writing, something on which I spent hours when it only faded in five minutes, it is frustrating.

After speaking to many writers, I realized that the main reason they don’t want to share their writing is that they always have to protect themselves in the end.

Well, I want to ask them a question. You love taking photos and you share it among your peers or else it might be something you know and they don’t. You obviously share it. How come writing is different from pictures or the things you know? When you can share the things that you like, then what about writing?

Few people keep their ideas very private, publishing their ideas, poems, and short stories.

They get upset when other people discovered it and what they don’t know is sometimes people appreciate what they wrote.

Criticism is a part of everything not just writing but explaining your story using the words that make people living your life for a moment is all that matters.

Yes, I understand that if writers share their works openly, they agree to anything. But I’m just asking you to be aware of your remarks and what you are saying. We need a lot to share with each other, but a little judgment will be enough to deter us.