From the past few weeks, people kept on asking me why should learn Python. Will there be a future of python. What are the uses of it etc etc.?

In this blog, I’m going to talk about Python’s importance and Python’s future in terms of jobs, like the general view. The cool reasons I’m most interested in will be the most important to learn.

Why Learn Python??
When I want to talk about why should you learn Python, I’m actually talking about why should you learn to code on the very first place.

  • You want to have job security.
  • You want to have a job that most of the world is moving towards.
  • Most importantly, you want to create something exciting.
  • Something that gets out of your head and you are going to get paid actually for it.

Those are the reasons why I actually like programming.

According to an article on Forbes that said by 2030, million jobs will be taken away by AI.

In the future, there might be no drivers for driving a car and collect cash. It will be automated using AI.

That means the world is slowly moving towards the people who can program and can actually create these things.

So the job opportunities in programming will be drastically increased in the upcoming years. This is the most exciting part.

So, you might be thinking why does Python specifically?

Because it is certified for Data Science and Machine Learning, and also it’s one of the top beginner friendly languages.

Python is getting more hotter and hotter for all the above reasons and becoming the most common meaning for Data Science and Machine Learning.

These things might be difficult to learn. But, once you did you’ll be unstoppable.

The reason why I wrote about Python is it is the simplest of all languages and it’s like learning English. The code writing is a lot easier.

So, Python is good if you are a beginner. If you are an intermediate developer then this skill set will take you to a great level.

Programming is more about thinking, the syntax actually doesn’t matter much. But also you don’t want the syntax to stop you from learning to code and growing faster.

Besides having great job opportunities, Python also offers you a great income. If you are a python developer you can earn up to $60,000 to $70,000 a year as a starter.

But that doesn’t mean everyone can earn from the start. As Bob Proctor says your earning potential depends on these 3 factors:

  1. The demand for what it is that you do
  2. How good you are at that thing.
  3. How hard it is to replace you.

So basically if you become so great at Python that you can’t be replaced by anyone then you will be paid higher and also your demand gets increased exponentially.

The main reasons:

  • C is considered to be the fastest language. But, when it comes to Python it can also be made faster than C by using the correct libraries.
  • Because the code is easier to write it provides YOU as a developer to produces effective code. So that you can use your valuable time efficiently.
  • Python encourages you to use a large set of libraries which helps you not to write your code from scratch.
  • Even most of the tech giants depend on Python. For example, Google was developed using Python. Instagram, Quora, DropBox, Hipmunk etc are built upon Python.

So, if you take all these things up in to account what you get is a powerful language that which gives you job stability, which gives you a strong future, which makes sure that none of your time is wasted in learning it and which puts you in a place where you can be earning a high income.

It’s a language that offers you all those options open for you. If you go deep into it and work on problem-solving abilities then the future for you is very very very bright.

By using Python you can build projects which are used in real-world applications as fast as humanly possible.

By programming and computer on your side, you have infinite power in your hand. If you can tell a computer what to do, it will surely do it. But all you need is the tools that can be able to speak to it.

Why not you chose a language that is easier to speak with. When it comes to programming learn to express your thoughts, feelings, real-world applications and all that through a programming language which is easier and has amazing features. After that, if you want to learn other languages or other stuff then you’re free to go for it.

So, that’s what I want to say to you. If you’re new to programming then Python is an option you must surely consider.