WhatsApp has updated its Android beta application to version 2.19.82 and the app teardown shows that this company’s Dark Mode is finally moving forward.

This new feature has been developed several times in the past, and the latest update gives us a first look at Dark Mode, indicating an impending launch. The feature is being developed and is not yet available to all. Recent beta versions also show that WhatsApp also works with new forwarding capabilities.

We know that this was a possibility already, but WAbetainfo just magically did with the latest beta APK from WhatsApp and started the new dark mode. We mean by “magic,” it’s not a setting in the app, it’s not a setting you can change.

It’s probably a flag or a preference to tweak in the APK, and you have to wait for the end user to implement it properly.

For now, the dark mode treatment was only provided for the app settings. The same configuration was recently updated, probably in preparation for a lighter and darker color scheme.

When it comes to colors, it is not an absolute black but a very, really dark grey. It is OLED – friendly and doesn’t tear eyes with strong black/white contrast.

WhatsApp needs to be quick: Android Messages, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and many other competitive email applications have already added a dark theme.

The dark mode of WhatsApp has long been rumored to come and it is nice to see some progress in the end. Again, the feature is under development and is not yet ready for deployment. If we have more information about its rollout, we will keep you up to date.

Uses Of Dark Mode

It is particularly useful if you use your smartphone at night in order not to reflect and affect your eyes with the light on your smartphone.

Besides, on a smartphone with an OLED screen or emulating a black theme, you will also keep a battery as all black areas are switched off from LED lights, which is not the case on an LCD screen.

In addition, flagship smartphones typically show an emulated or OLED screen.

Even if you are not an OLED screen, the darker set that provides a minimal approach can still be found and will not cause your eyes to stress.

It’s not perfect, but it will work and we hope WhatsApp integrates the dark mode with the WhatsApp better. I hope these workarounds will be useful for you.

Source: wabetainfo.com