Remember one thing,

Almost everyone who is reading this post will agree with me that…

Indian Education System is a piece of SHIT.

Everyone all over the country agrees with me.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is the ones who do well in the Indian education system and they can’t do good outside of it.

I’m not saying that everyone is like that.

Few of them are who do well inside of it and also outside of it.

But if you fail in life, in this country it really DOESN’T MATTER.

It is not your sign of intelligence or sign of your worth in life.

You might be thinking, then what is the sign of your worth?

It is how much value you are adding to the real world in your life.

Most of the most successful people were never known because of their educational background.

Even the people who were successful in business and successful on social media, none of them were known because of their educational background.

So if anyone of you is doing badly in studies then don’t let it stop you.

Don’t be that person who allows your parents or the people around you to suggest what you have to do.

If everyone is doing a particular job that doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

Just keep in mind!!

You should do whatever you want even if people are telling you that it’s shit.

Keep your brain always active.

And whatever you do give it 3 months of time.

Whatever the new job, start-up or a business you are doing hold it for 3 months.

See if you are connecting with it.

If you do not, then drop it.

At least one good will happen is that you’ll know that it is not for you.


You end up meeting people who say you try other things.

This will help your network grow.

So the key here is to keep trying and don’t stop.

As an Indian person, you grow a lot as a human being and in terms of your brain.

It’s not your time to do a job if your friend or family member is doing it.

There are enough options in today’s world to make money.

5 or 6 years back from today there weren’t these many options.

But, today they are.

Most of us don’t want to do boring bank jobs or boring coding jobs.

So spread your minds outside of what our parents tell us.

Parents are not well informed with the opportunities of today because they haven’t got the chance to grow in a world where the internet is everything.

There’s one thing all you people need to understand.

They are looking out for our future and they are worried about us.

But, we have a lot more skills than they have grown up with.

Just remember that!!

So just don’t worry about anything.

Worry only if you are wasting your time and chilling at home by not doing anything.

Get out of your comfort zone and just do things.