Ufffff… Finally Summer is here! And it is time to take care of our health and skin. As the saying goes, “Real wealth is the health, and not the pieces of silver and gold!” by Mahatma Gandhi, it is important to look after it.

Below are the necessary things you need to do in Summer to have a good health and skin.

Beat the Heat with WATER!
No matter what the season is Water is essential. But when it comes to Summer, it is more than important than any other things. It is a known fact that our body consists of 60% of water.

Our body dehydrates fast in this season and lack of water content leads to Sunstroke, Stones in Kidney, Dehydration etc…

The minimum amount of water you should take is 2.7 liters for men and 3.7 liters for women. Drinking more than this does not affect anything instead it is great for your health and skin.

Taking sufficient water can helps in kidney function and removes toxins, and also by lubricating joints and muscles, Enhancing the mood etc… As you stay hydrated by drinking more water, your skin looks naturally glower than ever.

So don’t forget to take a bottle of water where ever you go!

Shield yourself with Sunscreen!
Where ever we go out there is always someone watching us from above. Don’t mistake this with god, I am talking about Sun(haha!). And this sun always emits UV rays. The only way to save yourself from those harmful UV rays is by using a Sunscreen Lotion.

There are lots of uses by using Sunscreen, not only it shields your skin from sun rays but it also helps in preventing premature aging, lowers skin cancer risks, Lowers itchiness, Prevents sunburns, Prevents tanning, Improves skin condition.

Now you may rethink of not using a sunscreen while going out. You can use either SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreens but remember that SPF 30 provides 96% of safety from UV rays and SPF 50 provides 98% of protection. So greater SPF does not mean greater protection, anything is fine.

Instant Energy Boost with Summer Fruits:
There is no summer without eating summer fruits! As I said water helps you with preventing dehydration, summer fruits helps you with energy boost, reducing fatigue and also keeps your system cool.

The best summer fruits of all time are Watermelon, Mango, Papaya, Guava, Strawberries, Plums, Grapes, Pineapple, Litchi, Kiwi. All these fruits are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and potassium which helps in maintaining blood levels and improves metabolism.

My personal recommendation among all those fruits is Kiwi! It contains Vitamin A, C and B6, magnesium and iron. It is good for heart, skin, hair and liver. Those who have low blood count, Kiwi is the best option.


Whatever the Season maybe, Moisturizer Rules!
Many are under an assumption that there is no need of moisturizer in summer. Well, it is completely wrong! No matter what the seasons maybe your skin needs to be moisturized.

The only thing you need to remember is the moisturizers you use in winter have no affect in summer. Use non-greasy light moisturizers to take of your skin.

The best way to use moisturizer is applying it while sleeping. Your skin will be in recovery period during night and applying the moisturizer at that time will show you good results. So select a good product for your skin type.

Take Special Care of your EYE!
Even though you are taking necessary care for your body, the eye region needs special attention. They are one of the sensitive parts of your body. So they need to be treated sensitively.

Be careful while applying moisturizer as not all can take care of your eye as it is thinner than the remaining regions on the face. So select a best under eye gel so that you can prevent wrinkle formation in summer.

The best natural remedies are cucumber and honey. They will help in hydrating the eye region and keeps them healthy. And also don’t forget to use Sunglasses while going out!

Summer is the only season in which your body needs Exfoliation! This is the key to brighter and smoother skin. No matter how much you take care of your skin with water, sunscreens and products, the debris and dead cells always gets piled up!

Exfoliation is required for your entire body not only for the face. The only thing is that the face needs to be handled gently than the remaining regions. Select the suitable exfoliating product depending on your skin type. Not all can adapt the same exfoliation product.

My personal tip for a natural exfoliating remedy is mixture of coffee grounds and honey. This will be sensitive on your skin and at the same time it brings out the glow. Over doing of exfoliation results in bruises and rashes! So do it only once or twice a week. Charcoal masks are also helps in removing dead cells on the face. So if you have a sensitive skin then go with charcoal mask.

Finally, Stay Wet!

Summer is the only way to get wet easily! Go out and jog for just 30 min and it burns almost 400 calories compared to the jog in the winter season. Whatever you do, do it before it is too hot. Jump in the pool, no restrictions but don’t stay too long.

Always use cold showers and clean your hair twice or thrice a week as the sweat will be more in the hair region. Choose the best shampoos depending on your hair condition. My suggestion is to use anti-dandruff shampoo products as the sweat in the hair can lead to dandruff.

Finally, what I want to say is don’t neglect your skin and health as summer can lead to many diseases and health issues. Always be aware of the above tips. A good mind comes with healthy body. So stay healthy and beat the summer heat with your skin care.