All of you people have seen the TROLL FACE (Cool face) used in memes many times. But have you ever thought what is the actual origin and truth behind it? Well, there are many things but let me tell you the most interesting detail of all.

It began in 2008, when user Whynne(real name-  Carlos Ramirez) published funny comic about the officer and the driver in his deviant account.

The drawing took place in the Microsoft Paint graphics editor.

Before the meme was made there was sketch that looked like very similar strong mouse called Rape Rodentstunning smiled character who made an emotion as what the troll face did.

But where do you think he got the idea to create or draw this troll? Well, here is an interesting real story on how it came into existance.

The famous American pedophile and serial killer Henry Lee11 of of whom were killed with definite proof.

He started with his mother, whose kitchen knife he murdered in 1960. He spent 15 years in psychiatric clinic, including 4.5 years.

He started to slaughter after his release. Following his arrest, he happily admitted 300 killings to Henry, only 213 of whom could be considered more or less reasonable. Lucas still does not know the exact number of victims. His popularity and history were shot in three films in American society. As a consequence, Henry was sentenced to death, but was subsequently taken into exchange for life, and at 64, he had died of a heart attack. He was sentenced to death and sentenced to death.

Henry has the ability to draw. He is the one who actually drawn this Troll Face.

The first appearance of this troll face was drawn in a basement where he brutally raped a 17-year old teenage girl where he abducted from a bus stop.

But psychologists say, at the time of violence, a description of the mind state expressed slyly, with a squint in a wicked smile. So this picture came into mind of Henry at that time of mind state.

Later, the same face was drawn in a cell where he was having a life sentence.

His death sentence was commuted was by the Governor of Texas George W. Bush to life imprisonment in 1998, six days before his execution. Lucas died of heart attack on March 13, 2001. Lucas was 64 years old by that time He was buried at cemetery of Huntsville, Texas, Captain Joe Byrd.

But the thing is there is no definite proof of how Whynne (real name- Carlos Ramirez) found this picture. Some sources are saying that Whynne found this drawing during an excursion on the work of his father (an officer of one of the police departments of Texas) and made his own in 2007.