As we are moving forward in the world of technology we kept learning and knowing different things which weren’t possible before. Among all this, there are still some myths which lie among us. These myths started as rumors and are still used today as people are scared of them.

Keep reading this blog to unveil some of the biggest tech myths which you usually follow in your daily life.

1. Social Media is free
This is one of the biggest myths that Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.. are completely free.

Well, it’s not completely true.

They use your data and track your activities on the internet. Then they target you with the ads based upon your activities.

These ads are then clicked by the users and in this way, they generate their revenue.

2. Bigger File = Better Quality
Many intelligent people still that if a movie or a video occupies more memory space then it’s better than the other.

For example, if there is a movie and there are two files. One file is of 2 GB and the other is of 1 GB, then people think that the file with 2 GB is much better than the other one.

This isn’t the truth every time.

Sometimes the files go through optimization processes so that with less memory space they can produce better quality.

3. Incognito Mode
Many people still think that if you are browsing the web using incognito mode in your browser then you are hidden from the world and avoid tracking you.

This is the biggest myth.

You are just hiding your history in your browser whenever you use incognito mode.

Other than that, the incognito mode doesn’t provide you any more features.

4. Magnets Delete Data In Hard Drives
There is a belief that if you place a magnet near the Hard drive or a USB then your data gets erased from it.

It’s true that data is stored magnetically on these devices but your normal magnets don’t affect them much.

If you are using an MRI machine which has a greater impact then it’s obvious that data gets erased.

But a normal magnet can’t do that.

5. Refreshing Makes Computer Faster
This is the biggest myth ever and people still believe that. Even most of them use it on a daily basis.

Whenever people start their computer they begin their tasks by a right click and then refresh or pressing the F5 key.

They think that this will make their computers faster.

But the truth is refresh makes their computer refresh the icons present on the screen and checks the directories for new files.

There is no connection between the refresh and speed of the computer.