Almost every one of us uses smartphones in our day to day life. Most of us might have come across some myths which will change your smartphone experience.

Keep reading this blog and we will unveil some of the biggest smartphone myths that most of us believe and also follow it our daily life.

1. More RAM Is Better

People still think that if you have a big RAM on your phone then the phone gives you better performance and also a high amount of RAM is very necessary for your phone.

This is not true.

Well, having a big RAM is nice but that doesn’t mean that in between a 6GB RAM phone and an 8GB RAM phone, the 8GB one is better.

I accept that 8GB RAM is good but it won’t give you better performance than the phone with 6GB RAM. The only meaning of RAM is that you can open more amount of apps in the background and when you revoke them instead of rebooting they continue from the place you left them.

It all depends on you that what kind of user you are and how many apps you use parallelly.

2. Powerbank Charging Isn’t Good

I don’t know how this story started but many people still think that if you charge your phone using a power bank then your phone won’t charge correctly and sometimes it might also damage your battery.

This completely a false statement.

The output of a power bank is also similar to the one which your adapter gives you. So, you can charge your phone with a power bank without any issues.

3. Airplane Mode Charging

Many of you might have heard that if you charge your phone while in airplane mode then your phone charges faster.

Charging a phone on airplane mode will not affect your charging speed. It only disconnects your phone to the network that means most of the apps will still run on the background.

For fast charging, the only thing you can do is switch off your phone and then charge it.

4. Phones Crashing An Aeroplane

If you board an airplane then I’m sure that you might be advised to either switch-off your phone or keep the phone on airplane mode.

As you know that your phone emits radiation and frequency to connect to a network. People believe that this can interfere with the frequency of the radar in an airplane and damages it.

This is a totally fake thing. The designers of the airplane thought this before. That is why your phone won’t affect anything to an airplane.

5. Causes Fire On Petrol Pumps

If you ever visit a petrol pump then you might’ve seen a board that instructs you not to use your phone, not answer any calls and not take your phone out.

There was a theory long back which stated that the frequency from mobile phones will interfere with the fumes emitted by petrol and diesel to cause a fire.

But FCC(Federal Communications Commission) cleared this out and proved that there is nothing in a mobile phone that can cause a fire in petrol pumps or gas stations.

Do let us know in the comments if you’ve heard of any such myths…