Today, almost every industry has computers entered and many people still don’t know how to code. The most difficult task is to choose a language to start as a beginner. Believe me, I went through the same thing, too.

New skills take time to learn–so you have to know that what you learn is worthwhile before you learn something. Here is a list of the top 3 languages that are trendy and useful for your programming career in the future. The uses of the specific language have also been listed. So, according to your interest, select the language.

Python is the quick, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy language used widely to develop scalable website applications, which is always at the top of the list of languages for a beginner.

Python is a language that is growing and there are no evidence that it will vanish. There are several reasons, but artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important thing. It has different applications due to the flexibility of Python.

Reasons to learn Python:

A) Data Science: That’s the biggest reason why people like Python so much. A wealth of libraries and frameworks are available in Python, for example, NumPy and Pycharm.

Data science is a study in which the information enters. We process the unstructured data and identify the models to enhance the competitive advantage of the organization.

B) Machine Learning: In today’s world the growth of machine education has grown significantly. The world around us is changing. Python is the only language you want to learn in machiner learning and its applications.

Machine learning is a special algorithm category that enables software applications to predict rather than program explicitly. Data mining and predictive modeling are the processes involved in machine learning.

C) Web Development: Python offers a wide range of libraries and web development frameworks. For example, Django and Flask which makes the web development very easy.

In developing a static website or a full-blown web application, web development involves work. Python can be used for web applications on the server side.

It’s hard to describe JavaScript. It’s cool, great, very popular, always trendy, it’s the most popular language for web development. It’s the right thing to do.

There is a side of this language for a beginner that is difficult. It continues to change a great deal. There are many new things that make it difficult to understand and keep pace with them. Compared to other languages, if you are a beginner it is the easiest language. But, because of the new uses, it can lead you to fall into different traps every day. New features and frameworks continue to be added and when you just start, it is difficult to become a professional.

Reasons to learn JavaScript:

A) Web Development: JavaScript is always at the top of the list when it comes to web development. It can be used for the construction of both front end and back end applications.

Here, is a list of mostly used front-end frameworks:

Mostly used back-end frameworks:

B) Mobile Apps Development: Yes, that’s true. Yes. For mobile applications, JavaScript can be also used. JavaScript has been taken to a completely new level by ReactNative (from Facebook). This single framework allows you to develop both Android and iOS apps.

I’m not talking about old hybrid applications. With JavaScript, you can build native mobile apps.

3. golang

Golang, popularly known as Go. Popularly called Go, Golang. Go’s work is to contain every positive thing in a number of languages and prevent negatives. It has been developed by Google. Go is similar in nature (C++, Java, C #), but easier to read and write than Python.

There are various online IDEs such as The Go etc. which can be used to run Go programs without installing. Google has one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures and is massively escalated. This can be used to run Go programs without the installation. Go is designed by Google to solve its scalability and efficiency problems. These are the same problems that you face when you create your own servers.

While Go is very different from others, it is still the same beast. It is very different. Go delivers a high performance like C / C++, super efficient competitiveness like Java and Python / Perl coding.

Reasons to learn Go:

Hardware & Software: This language has been developed because of hardware limitations in today’s world.

To speed up, the functionality we use more processors, but the cost also increases with more processors. And because of this, we use limited processors and we have a heavy prog with a limited processor. A language whose threading takes more memory and slows the performance of our system, so that Golang has been designed to overcome this problem so that it uses Go instead of threading.

Advantages of Go:

  1. Flexible-Concise, easy to read and simple to read.
  2. Currency-Multiple processes can be run simultaneously and efficiently.
  3. Quick Outcome-It’s very fast compilation time.
  4. Library-A rich standard library is provided.
  5. You are a backend or full stack developer seeking to improve your language skills.
  6. You’re working in ops or SRE.
  7. Looking for an alternative to Python.


2019 will be a year with lots of possibilities. It’s us who can shape and make the world a better place. The computer industry is updated each day. New jobs are created, but those jobs are much more than compared to people who are worth it.

Choose a language based on its applications. Start to learn, solve and leave problems until you become a professional. A ton of free and free courses are available online.

Happy coding!!