On Monday, Madras High Court requested the Chinese video app TikTok be prohibited, stating that it “encourages pornography.”

Created by ByteDance Technology Co, TikTok enables users to create or share short videos with special effects. In rural India, which has most of the 1.3 billion people in the country, it has become enormously popular.

The Madurai bench in Madras, which received a petition against it, said that children who used TikTok are exposed to sexual predators on Wednesday.

A high-level lawyer Cum – social activist from Madurai, Muthu Kumar, submitted his petition. He had called on the court to prohibit TikTok, citing pornography, cultural degradation, child abuse, suicides.

In the case of regulations including Children’s Online Privacy Act in the US which prevent children from becoming victims online, the judges, Justices N Kirubakaran and SS Sundar, have also instructed the central government to reply by April 16.

Meanwhile, the court suggested that India also introduce new laws on the protection of children’s online privacy in accordance with the United States ‘ Children’s Online Privacy Act.

TikTok is not the country’s first app to be banned. The popular royal game PUBG, too, is in India because several teenagers are dependent on the game and because of it, studies are affected.

The game in some cases also caused criminal activity, arrests and even death. In many parts of Gujarat, PUBG was already banned, but recently the government lifted the Ahmedabad prohibition. In other cities, the fate of PUBG is still unknown.

Do you think these app prohibitions are justified? Who’s in charge of TikTok’s contents — users and application builders?

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