We have been facing many threats since the beginning of humanity that would destroy our civilization. We have continued to take the necessary steps to prevent these threats.

The greatest danger to population destruction is floods, wars, tsunami, earthquakes etc., but these come only sometimes. Among all those threats these 3 threats will exist forever.

Keep reading further to know more about it.

1. Loneliness

Loneliness is as toxic as the daily use of 15 Cigarettes and it’s a worldwide epidemic.

Our current living lifestyle has to be blamed for the cause of loneliness that has never occurred in history.

In Paris 50% and in Stockholm 60% of the population lives in Solitude.

Half of those above 75 years of age live in the UK are alone. They don’t have anyone to talk for over a month.

In the US, the number of people with close friends has tripled.

When it comes to India over 5 million people living in India are lonely.

Urbanization is one of the factors as it weakens the bond of family.

It’ not clear how far the technology has to be blamed for this loneliness.

On average, people spend 24 hours a week Online.

But people who are lonely are the ones who spend most of the time on Social Media.

Loneliness has caused to increase in the rate of mental disorders and depression.

Countries are getting innovation to solve this problem. As in every country, most of the people are suffering from this.

For example, In Italy, Students are moving in with elderly people. Giving them company in exchange for an affordable place to stay.

The UK has created a separate department in government to handle all the matters regarding loneliness.

2. Extreme Weather

One of the most dangerous threats to the planet is extreme weather and we are sleeping in this disaster.

2018 saw from the US to the Philippines.

Wildfires, from Australia to California.

Floods, from India to Japan.

And heatwaves, from Europe to the Arctic.

Extreme weather conditions have caused a huge impact on the people living on this planet.

39 million people were suffered from acute food deficiency in 2017 because of climate-related disasters.

The disasters caused by Goods and Services has increased to 29% since 2012 due to environmental disasters.

Scientists say that climate change increases the probability of extreme behaviour.

Unless we reduce carbon consumption globally the temperature will keep on rising due to the Greenhouse effect.

Climate change has also increased the death numbers of wildlife globally.

It has harmed human health, development and even security.

The melting of glaciers has resulted in an increase in the water levels.

3. Global Economic Activity

The world economy is facing a perfect storm in 2019.

Trade Tensions are rising between the global powers and the global growth rate is slowing.

The global debt rate is significantly higher than in the past years.

Inequality between the countries keeps on increasing.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting more poorer.

This factor has led to concentrate or invest in other major challenges, for example, the environmental crisis.

The growth in the industries and automation has led to hit the environment from all the directions.

Despite the governments trying to solve this, they are still many challenges.

The fight for growing soon and competition has led to many changes in the economy.

I have a small question for all you people…

So, how optimistic you are in 2019??

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