With regard to storage, smartphones become increasingly capable. Even the budget-friendly smartphones have at least 8 GB of internal storage, enough for most social media applications, including the WhatsApp.

However, because of the accumulation of pictures, videos and GIF files, WhatsApp starts to fill your mobile without a room. When you install fresh applications, the phone may start displaying red alerts.

You can uninstall applications and WhatsApp might be one of them to free up room.

However, you might believe you will lose access to chats when you uninstall WhatsApp. Even after WhatsApp has been removed, there is a way to retain chats. Without compromising that you can chat like before, you can freely remove WhatsApp.

This is how you can uninstall WhatsApp and still use it:

Look for Chrome browser on another device before you have removed WhatsApp on your phone. You can head to the Google Play store to download it unless you have preloaded it on your mobile.

Now, open your Chrome browser and browse to web.whatsapp.com.

The website phone version is opened in your browser, and you must activate desktop mode via the top-right three-point menu.

The desktop version of the website is now displayed.

You will see a QR code that you will have to scan to go ahead.

Open the WhatsApp on your main device and tap the top-right corner with three points.

Tap the WhatsApp Web, then tap the”+” button. This opens the camera to scan the QR code inside the app. Place the QR code of your phone camera on another phone.

After QR code is approved in the browser, all your chats will be open. You must allow website notifications to obtain notifications.

That’s it, without the WhatsApp on the same mobile, you’re good to go.