It is always difficult for a beginner while they are starting out their career in programming.

This blog is for beginners in particular. I will describe 4 things I wish I knew before I began coding. These 4 things are eventually learned by experience, which is well known for most of the programmers. But if you know this as a beginner your learning potential will certainly be increased.

For a very long time, this is something that people don’t know or understand.

I was very fascinated when I began to learn to code and I thought it was super awesome because it actually depends on what you think. Whatever in your brain you can think of can be actually converted into reality.

For example, when you are opening facebook you are essentially entering into the brain of Mark Zuckerberg, or whoever was creating it. The same thing happens with Twitter, Instagram or any other platform you visit or use.

As I said earlier a computer is a powerful genie which can grant you any wish until you know the language for speaking to it.

You might be thinking so what is the language that a computer can understand?

It might be any programming or scripting language, for example, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, R etc, the list goes on. So these what the languages are that are used to speak with the ultimate most powerful genie.

So How Can This Actually Help You While You Are Coding?

It is because, while people are coding they spend too much time on syntax and not enough time on actually thinking.

They don’t spend much time on thinking and problem-solving.

So what you do while starting programming, read carefully because this is a big tip…

You must spend most of your time on problem-solving. Once you understand that the problem is thinking. You can actually start growing and learn to solve real-world problems.

It’s not about the syntax, it’s not memorization. If you ever think that you can remember anything that is because you didn’t understand it well enough.

As I said above that when you concentrate less on the syntax and start thinking about the problems your growth rate increases exponentially.

And when I said that you should understand the syntax less that means the programming language or the structure of the programming language itself.

If you spend a lot of time on syntax, meaning that you spend time on learning new languages or taking up a specific language and increasing your ability to solve problems.

Which way will you improve the most?

So you might have the answer by now. You’ll improve if you go on the route of problem-solving and stick to one programming language.

Guaranteed, you’ll grow at a higher pace compared to the person who goes on to take up different programming languages rather than working on the problem-solving abilities.

If you really want to improve pick one language and start thinking. This will lead you to concentrate less on the syntax and focus on the real thing which is problem-solving.

So what happens is when you take up a big project. You can actually divide into smaller parts and solve them separately. Once that is done mix up the small parts and there it is the big problem has been solved.

So what does it mean to always have a passion project?

That means you have a project that you are excited about building and you’ve either started it or you’re very actively thinking about it.

This will help you to go from a passive learner to become an active learner.

If you learn a concept and don’t actually apply it, then there is a 90% chance that you didn’t actually understand it, and you’ll fail to apply in one of your projects.

So it’s much better to learn slowly but deeply. Where you are actually applying it.

In this way, your learning speed will be slower but your understanding and application will we way more superior and way, way more permanent.

As you learn each new thing, you have this project in the back of your mind, that you are going to apply it to.

Now you are learning very purposefully, very intentionally and that will allow you to speed up your learning process.

That’s the thing I wish I knew when I started programming.

Instead of having 100 different projects. Take 1 or 2 projects and start adding different things to it. This will maintain those projects for a long time.

I’m going to mention that programming is nothing like they show in movies.

I don’t know how many of the viewers have watched Mr. Robot TV series. In it’s like a guy sitting next to a computer typing something and some crazy remarkable things happen in an instance.

That is not what it is.

This is what people think that they aren’t capable of doing those things when they’ve been learning programming for a very very long time.

That is when people think the other person knows programming much better than you. It is because of the way it is shown in the media.

Programming is a lot of googling and a lot of stack overflowing. This is not all of it but these are the best abilities you can have.

Most people when they run into a problem the first thing they do is they give up. But instead you should google it, I’m sure the answer must be lurking around somewhere.

Most of the programming is that you look stuff online and find the things that worked for someone else. Modifying those things and using them for your own purpose.

But you have to be intelligent on how to copy paste it.

There’s a saying that, a programmer knows where to copy and paste.

It is a very useful ability and the only way to increase it, you go online and find the stuff that can work in solving up your problem.

But, if you are a beginner and stuck somewhere. I suggest you post your question on the forums that are available online.

But, remember that you should never stop thinking. If you are stuck somewhere never let that to make you give up. Instead, try as many resources to find the solution.