As the exam season is near, this blog is especially for all my fellow students.

Let me tell you one important rule of life:

Wherever you go in the world you’ll never find a single student who enjoys the process of studying.

Everyone wants to chill out, relax a little bit, maybe watching some television or rather go out and play.

But the single biggest truth of life is that you have to study.

Studying is a constant thing that you can never change.

What you can change though is your perspective towards studying.

Instead of seeing studying as a boring process where you have to put all your time into it, look it as a boxing match.

Muhammad Ali one of the greatest boxers of all time said this beautiful quote:

” I hated every minute of my training, but I said: Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

That’s what studying is like.

Muhammad Ali had to face the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

But, you don’t have to face any other opponent.

Your biggest opponent in the process of studying and even in life is yourself.

When you look into the mirror, you see your biggest opponent.

Think of the people who end up scoring good marks in exams, they also hate studying as much as you do.

They might not be talented than you, they might not be smarter than you but they are hungrier than you.

They are hungry for success.

If you really want to search for an exam motivation then that is what you have to search for the hunger in yourself.

Don’t study for your friends, don’t study for your friends, do not study for that marks or the pay packages that you are going to get one day, don’t study for money or rewards.

Study only for one thing and that is the future version of yourself.

When you are going to check your results, you shouldn’t be worrying about bad marks or failing.

You have trained so hard that irrespective of what they ask in your exam paper, you have studied so hard that you’re going to know every single answer and you’re going to perform like a champion.

Of course, you can skip those last few questions, almost everyone does that while studying.

There are some situations where you have to ask yourself, whether you want just to pass or you want to place yourself in better for your future.

Discipline is choosing between now and what you want the most.

In those moments of laziness where you have the option of not giving your 100% or giving your 100%

Choose to give your 110%

Choose to pull our effort and motivation from deep inside yourself.

Always remember this one thing:

You’re only studying for your own future.

Right now, you have a choice. Do you just want to be remembered as one of the heavyweight boxers who lost those battle against yourself?


Do you want to be remembered as the greatest of all times?