In the olden days, whenever you wanted to watch a video it has to be on a VCR and then later came the DVD Player after that we moved on to the cable networks but now there’s YouTube.

25 years ago streaming videos on the internet was a science-fiction. YouTube is only been around for 14 years and has changed the world.

In this blog, we’ll see how this platform started and grew such big in size.

Size of YouTube

7 Billion Hours of the video is watched every month.

It would take 4 days just to watch the video that gets uploaded every minute.

In terms of the size of the web, YouTube is the third most visited site and the second largest search engine on the internet.

Now, you might have got an idea about how bit YoutTube is.

Where Did All This Began?

Who would have known that the three former employees of PayPal go on to change the world?

Those 3 people were Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen.

After their days were over at PayPal they were interested in making a video dating website called TuneIn Hookup.

It was a site where people can upload their videos of themselves in order to find dates.

It actually didn’t work because most people weren’t interested in the idea.

One day Jawed happened to notice how tough it is to find a video of Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction anywhere on the internet.

This struck an idea and the lack of videos on the internet created a market need and who knew the solution to this would change the world.

All they needed was the perfect formula and this formula was found in their old website TuneIn Hookup.

TuneIn Hookup was changed to YouTube. The website was founded on February 14th, 2005.

Journey To The Top

The first video was uploaded by the Co-Founder Jawed Karim which titled Me at the zoo on April 23rd, 2005.

YouTube has its first 1 million hit video on September 2005 and was actually a Nike ad.

By November 2005 YouTube has already received 3.5 million dollars in Capital.

It wasn’t long enough the site caught the interest of Google.

In October 2006 the site was acquired with 1.65 billion dollars.

That year YouTube became the fastest growing site on the internet.

In May 2007, the YouTube Partner Program started which changed the lives of many people.

This gave an opportunity to people for making their hobbies into a business.

In August 2007, Google finally decided to make money out of YouTube and rolled out its advertisements.

By 2011, YouTube live streaming allowed real-time footage of weddings, Olympic games, and live concerts.

It was clear that YouTube can do much bigger things and influence world history.

It demonstrated that major cultural movements can now be influenced by social media.

From 2012, YouTube never looked back.

YouTube has become a new culture which is amazing for the short amount of time it has been around.

How Big YouTube Is Now?

YouTube is bigger than TV.

YouTube is already replacing TV watching. The future of YouTube is now as it’s passing the benchmark of having 1 million unique visitors every month.

Now everyone has finally started understanding how big YouTube is even TV advertisers. They have started to migrate from TV to YouTube.

Many of the celebrities have started their career using YouTube. For example, Justin Bieber.

People started to upload their old VHS tapes on YouTube. As they are so many people doing it we can construct the entire TV from decades and is accessible to the entire world.

There are many channels who teach online classes to the world at free of cost.

Comedy has taken a new shape as all those videos are getting uploaded on YouTube.

YouTube has changed the world politically, personally for the lives of many and collectively to communicate with each other.


All of this started by just 3 good friends realizing a problem of sharing videos online.

No one knows how bigger this platform will get over the upcoming years, only time can answer that.