After marriage,

Never leave your parents in old age homes.

Why don’t people care about their parents as they grow old?

Why people only care about their husband/wife and not their parents.

Parents give us all the strength to succeed in life but what these people are doing with it?

Wasting all their efforts leaving the god-like parents in Old Age Homes.

After marriage, why does the wife tries to separate her husband and his parents?

Why can’t she treat her mother in law as her own mother?

Nowadays, people take their ancestral property with a great struggle and leave their parents in Old Age Homes.

Why don’t people understand that the property is reserved for them and their children?

Why should they fight for it?

Why people lose interest in taking care of their parents as they grow up?

Why don’t people remember the struggle that their parents had while raising them from children to who they’ve become now?

Spend some quality time with your parents after marriage, they just need to see you and hear you once in a while.

They won’t ever feel lonely if you do so. Because they basically sacrificed their whole life just to see you happy and reach new heights that can fathom.

All I wish is to see empty old age homes in the future and I hope that happens soon…๐Ÿ˜Š

Well, this isn’t my story actually. This is the story of many families that surrounds you. One of such families inspired me to write my views on it.

Happy reading…๐Ÿ˜Š