Some say that music heals, some say music inspires, some say music is a mood changer but at the end, music is above all.

Healer, motivator, mood changer. It’s an independent feeling.

May it be worship, may it be prayer, may it be patriotic, may it be a piece of celebration music is always there.

The one who expresses music in a way where everyone enjoys is a perfect musician because it’s the independent person feeling which brings out our feelings.

Being a musician is what and how you feel the music! And being a musician is not the end of knowing music it’s basically the start of exploring.

It is something which you learn every day until your last breath. And playing instruments and singing is not talent (a gift indeed from above) but the special thing is it’s the learning, exploring, pouring out your inner feelings!

A true musician always finds a way to desolate and enjoy the “music company !”
And instruments are just a part of it!

Music is beyond everything!

We are just beginners, still, in a learning period cause, every musician creates magic in their own independent ways!