Reality TV shows have become a very popular form of entertainment in modern culture since the end of the last century.

In this day and age, there isn’t any person who doesn’t watch some form of reality shows.

The beginning of reality television started with competition shows and with time reality shows began to appear more and more. Whether it is a cooking competition, a talent show such as singing and dancing, or the pure entertainment of a day in the life.

There seem to be a few different sides of reality TV that make it so entertaining for people to watch. Some watch these first for fun and some get excited to what will happen next.

These type of programs has become very attractive to viewers because of the authenticity of the show and riveting characters.

Reality television shows have been extremely popular amongst teen and pre-teen viewers which is quite disturbing because of its negative impacts on them. Although some believe that reality TV shows are just harmless entertainment, in fact, they do have the ability to affect the behavior of teenagers and children too.

Sometimes watching these shows leads normal people to make friends make enemies, fight, change in their character, etc which are not good.

Usually, some parents would be able to prevent their children from watching certain reality shows because of the content that is being broadcasted.

But these modern shows have drawn attention from both young and also adults.

What Can Parents Do?

  • Watch one or more reality TV shows with your child.
  • Ask them why do they like certain characters.
  • Find out if TV shows images and message affect your child’s self-image, values, and imagination.
  • Make a clear statement about the show and let them know to your child.
  • Help your child develop critical responses to what she/he observes on reality TV shows.

There are also some advantages with the reality TV Shows.

  • They provide entertainment and fun for people.
  • We see real people performing stunts and showcasing their skills.
  • We come to know about their talents.
  • They get success.
  • TV stars or normal people get very popular within a very short period of time.

But the overall result of reality shows is always negative.


  • Misleading youth.
  • Degrading personality.
  • Creating a rude, cunning, and self-obsessed society.
  • Getting addicted to it.
  • Turning kids violent.
  • With the increase in a number of reality shows, its impact is also increasing.

Watching these shows might have some negative impact on society (Teens and Children) and they can pick up acts of violence, false identification, lying, cheating, abusing and ditching their own friends and family.