Since it exploded on the scene 5 years ago, Android and Snapchat users had a rocky relationship. The app has always worked better on iOS devices, and with a slow, poorly optimized experience, Android users feel neglected.

Snap Inc has been promising to fix the Android app for years, but last summer we finally saw evidence of that. Now, finally rolling out the improved Android app.

The new application should be faster, less lagging and less fussy than the old version, although the actual UI or navigation for Snapchat has virtually never changed.

The rewriting process has been ongoing for a while, as Android Authority relates in an interview with Snapchat’s development team members. Snap initially just tried to pull out the old app, but eventually realized that it needed to rewrite the Android version to achieve the company’s desired results.

With its wide range of hardware, the new app is designed to contribute to stuff, like the enormous Android ecosystem — especially for cameras and processors, so different phones can be very different.

The good news is that now that the major rewrite is complete for future updates to Snapchat on Android, new features will come at the same pace as iOS’s company counterpart.