Corporate Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment would identify and quantify the vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure which would also give you the knowledge about risks and awareness of possible threats in your organization’s network topography.

Penetration Testing

Our professionally trained executives offer to learn classes to all the employees to maintain the security of all digital content. Intensive information on Information Security Management is provided to your organization’s employees so that they are risk complaint and can act more securely and prevent cyber attacks.

IT Audit

Through our IT Audit Service, we will help you figure out whether your network infrastructure is compliant with the latest industry standard regulations, has been configured to operate safely and is secure enough to enable your organization to continue its business operations without worrying about the threats that lurk in the cyberspace.

Data Recovery

In the unforeseen event, you lose important data, we will salvage as much as we can. Your lost and inaccessible data will be useable again. We also provide digital forensic services so that you can resume your business as soon as possible.

Social Engineering

In social engineering The use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes. This service offers threat control by finding possible manipulation of staff on their digital media of the concerned organization which helps prevent future attacks on the organizations digital content.

Cyber Security Consulting and Strategies

Our cybersecurity consultancy services develop, evaluates and recommends a methodology to run an organization smoothly without any possible risks happening in future. Moreover, we aim to provide a risk compliant IT environment for your organization. Also, Obsidian will act as a counsel in the event where expert representation is required to secure the company’s I.T.

Services For Startups and Co-working Space

Website Development

An essential for any start-up, our website development service includes a website custom built for your needs. You will get an email id domain mail which can be synced with your Gmail account for better efficiency. Your website will have an SSL Certificate which will authenticate your website according to internet protocols.

App Development

We can develop a tailor-made application for you to establish an effective presence in the market, providing contact with potential customers for vital business growth. You can establish and maintain relationships with customers with no geographical boundaries. You can collect essential information for further analysis of your product/ service which in turn will provide a better user experience helping you to stand out in a competitive market.

BYOD & Consultancy Policies

We provide IT Consultancy in which we will advise you on all IT related problems and work with you to implement long term solutions to help your business grow further and faster. This service includes budgeting, setting internal IT guidelines, technology consulting and system designing.

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The above services are in collaboration with Obsidian – Cyber Security Personified.