Kid: Dad, I want to play games on that website.

Father: Ok. Let me put it on for you.

(Mother hears that and interrupts)

Mother: Wait! Don’t go on that website. It could be dangerous. First, check if it is ok to visit that website.

It’s always good when somebody knows how to take care of themselves and others around them. But what if people are even unaware of the fact that there could be dangers lurking around in different corners of the cyberspace they visit in their daily lives? What if those ignorant people become victims of evil? This blog discusses people’s need for security awareness and the effects of the lack of security awareness.

People nowadays have information that they store in digital format in either online or offline storage. This data can be important and sensitive and could be of great value to people and organizations, and therefore there is a great need to protect such data so that no damage can be caused by the opponents even if they try to attack the systems holding the important data using all the attack techniques they have in their arsenal.

This raises the need for adequate security measures to prevent the disclosure, alteration or destruction of valuable information and systems.

In all aspects of the digital world, there is a need for security. Whether it’s an individual or an organization in government, military, healthcare or other industrial sectors, everyone requires some or the other type of security that can help prevent threats from causing damage. However, it is necessary for people to be aware of what security is and why it is important to safeguard their data.

This is where awareness of security comes in handy. Let’s take an example of a person who regularly visits a social media website to chat with their friends, post some things on their profile, and get other updates on what’s going on in their online social circle.

The person knows how to properly use the social media website and can, therefore, get around the settings to make sure their account is secure and therefore less prone to cyber attacks.

On the other hand, there’s more risk to the people who aren’t that much tech savvy. The reason for this is that they don’t know how to use technology so they don’t know how to secure themselves against all the threats in the digital world. Such people wouldn’t understand why it’s even necessary to secure their accounts so they might not even try to set up proper security on their accounts.

They might think that simply setting simple passwords on their social media accounts would secure their account, which is no longer the case according to the current threat environment. Therefore, knowing only a little, they follow this practice throughout all their online accounts and end up having improper security controls on their accounts. This is just the case with the online accounts we are talking about. Think of the assets that are offline, such as on a laptop or mobile phone.

A person who knows the risks of keeping sensitive information on such devices and knows how to protect that information would ensure that they put in place appropriate security measures on their devices, whereas a person who has no knowledge of security could simply steal or destroy the information that is exposed to cyber criminals and thus become the target of a cyber-attack that could

There are many organizations whose business functions are data-intensive and who still do not use proper security measures to ensure that their systems and the information they hold are secure. One of the main reasons behind this is the lack of adequate knowledge about security and its benefits. Organizational leaders think they don’t need any protection as they feel who or why someone is going to attack them and try to harm their company. This is a false sense of security, and it shows that even organizations lack proper awareness of security.

If someone doesn’t know what all kinds of attacks are possible and how attackers can steal their information, then how would someone protect their data?

Security awareness changes how people behave, and through that knowledge, everyone can protect their valuable assets. Therefore, security awareness is required everywhere and by everyone and should be considered as a basic necessity in today’s world as the world has become digitized.