Samsung launched a number of smart TVs on the Indian market on Monday. These new devices are manufactured locally and vary in sizes from 32 inches to 82 inches. While these are not the company’s first range of smart TVs to be available in India, they are claimed to have some industry-first features. All new products were launched in a new range called’ Unbox Magic Series.’

The new range of Samsung Smart TVs offers unique benefits, including personal computing, music, home cloud, live casting and two – way sharing.

Samsung’s smartphones and smart TVs have been quite aggressive recently. Receiving the Xiaomi Mi TV series, the company has launched its online-exclusive series of super6 4K TV in India. Now, from Rs 24,990, Samsung is launching another range of cheap smart TVs. The latest portfolio includes TVs with HD panels and Ultra High Definition (4K) panels.

New Smart TVs allow users to create documents or work from the cloud, for example, to create presentations at their school or office. Users can also wirelessly watch their Smart TV laptop on a big-screen or extended screen experience without the internet connection.

Users may from anywhere on the Internet access their laptop or personal computer remotely.

Samsung says that Smart TVs are secured for security by multi-layered Knox and allow cloud access to Microsoft Office 365 services.

Smart TVs also turn into a virtual music system, enabling users to select from a skin library, manage several playlists of devices and create an immersive musical experience with an external speaker.

The TVs can also be used as a cloud service where media files can be transferred automatically from your smartphone to the USB drive which is, in turn, password-protected and connected to the TV.

While Chromecast is not available, smartphone users can still share a Smart TV live stream.

Smart Hub offers all of your content – including live television, apps and other sources – just like Samsung Smart TVs. In 10 or more local languages, the 60K+ titles comprise international and national content accompanied by a wide range of content, according to consumers ‘ choice.

While Samsung announces the above-mentioned smart televisions, further information on devices is still waiting for. This will be available from major online and offline retailers starting on April 11. At a price of Rs 24,900, the 32-inch TV is available and the prices of other models will be announced.