Apparently, all mobile PUBG players in India have been restricted by tencent games. The game will now be limited to only 6 hours of play time in the country.

Players will receive a warning after 2 and 4 hours respectively before the six-hour limit is reached. The changes may take some time to take effect and apply fully to all players in the country.

As various users have noticed, the PUBG app creates a health claim that reduces users from playing the game six hours afterward.

The app also asks users to know if they are 18 or not so that they can have other limitations under this age.

Tencent’s restrictions come after the Rajkot, Gujarat game was banned, following which the police made numerous arrests. In other metros, similar constraints were also decided to control gaming addiction.

Earlier, for all players below the age of 13, the Chinese government had also prohibited PUBG mobile.

Because of the several deaths, theft and more that could occur within the country, the prohibition (which could extend throughout India).

Limiting gaming is a good thing because, for other productive hours, it would mean fewer hours in the game. This could also lead to the ban being lifted and a win for PUBG Mobile and players alike.

Although PUBG did not officially set the use limit, several users reported receiving an alert message.

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