Tencent Games and PUBG corp officially announced the launch of their most recent gameplay, called “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn.”

The download size of the PUBG mobile update is 436MB on Android via GooglePlay, not too large compared to the previous PUBG mobile update sizes.

You may have seen a maintainance notice informing you about a server update when you recently opened PUBG mobile.

Well, it’s because the highly anticipated Zombie mode is finally available which is collaboratively made with the help of Resident Evil 2, a popular Zombie game.

Zombie gameplay will take place in a 30-minute period for three days and two nights. 60 players from the usual PUBG mobile game organization will participate in the round.

Players will face several kinds of Zombies that have been created by the PUBG Mobile team from Resident Evil 2.

The survive till dawn starts from the day and finally turns into night. As night falls, the zombies become more and more aggressive and challenging.

During the day, players can kill zombies with long-range and also farm.

In addition to the new mode, the moonlight weather in Vikendi is going to add the environment with enchanting northern lights.

Because of PUBG mobile’s partnership with Resident Evil 2, the game includes the main menu theme and music for Resident Evil 2.

In Arcade mode – Quick Match, players can now choose to play on Sanhok.

Player Spaces is a new feature which gives players personal information and connection statistics. This feature also enables players to choose a friend with an over 400 synergy as a partner in the player space.

The company also stated that the terrain display bug for budget devices has been fixed, and the players can now maintain past results for just one month.