PUBG Mobile’s new beta update is out. We have recently discovered the version 0.12.0 that rolls out globally and brings a number of new features to the game’s commercial version.

The update is 1.8 GB in size and brings two new weapons, a new zombie mode, friendly shows, crosshairs, fast chat updates, the eagle companion and many more.

In this blog, let’s see the new features that PUBG mobile 0.12.0 update will offer.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that didn’t show hair correctly when fitting some headgear.

A bug was fixed, where Season 6 Pants caused some footgear graphical failures.

Fixed a bug that did not show the doors correctly.

Corrected a bug in which players in certain areas may get stuck in buildings.


The game will include two new weapons. First of all, the RPG-7 is a launcher of rockets. The second is the explosive crossbow, where the bolt will explode when the target is hit. Even though you hit objects such as walls and cars, it is expected to blow off.

Now that we have heard that the two new weapons are only available in the Zombie event mode, we are unable to know.

Zombie Adventure Mode

Under the event mode section, there is a completely new zombie mode added. The description says that’ Day supplies are gathered and zombies were removed by night. Survive to win by the rescue!

In essence, this may be a Dead-Style Left mode in which you must defend and survive for a certain time against zombies until you get saved from the map.

Friendly Spectate

This is probably the best feature for your friends who play the game. You can also view statistics and information of your friend while you watch them. You can also check the number of spectators who watch a game.

Crosshair color

There is also an option to change the color of the crosshair. The no – scope crosshair can be adjusted between nine colors, while the red, holographical, 2x and 3x scale crosshairs can be set to red or green.


A new update will now add a new male voice to the Quick Chat option. A new voice wheel has been added that can have up to 8 quick chat audio clips to speed up access into the game.


An unforeseeable feature, the guy is essentially an eagle you can add when you are in the lobby or play the game. The Eagle sits on the shoulder of your character and can float and even have its own emotions. Unless you add a new cosmetic item to the game, it does not have any value.