PUBG Lite, a ton some version of the famous royal game PUBG, now coming to India, which can operate on low-end computers. The firm has verified through its official Facebook page that the game will quickly enter the Indian market. At this time, there was no particular date for the start of the match.

To recall this, in a select amount of nations PUBG Lite’s first beta was published in January. It now comes in 15 nations in total. This Lite version of the game was introduced in order to improve player base by providing a toned-down version of the game to players with hardware constraints.

The first beta of PUBG Lite has initially been accessible in Thailand and has now been extended to 15 nations, including Brazil and Turkey. In this article, PUBG Lite said: “PUBGLite is about to expand into India quickly.”

PUBG costs about Rs 1,000 for PC. All consumers are, however, provided with PUBG Lite free of charge. It’s not that distinct and the game is a lot slower as well. You have to download the official launcher to download the game and then install it on your PC.

The PUBG Lite site states that users require a PC driven by a 2.4GHz innovative Intel-core i3 Processor, paired with Intel HD Graphics 4000. It should be made of RAM 4 GB and storage 4 GB free disk. Finally, the PC should run a system or higher for Windows 7.

The specifications recommended include the Intel Core i5 processor with a 2.8GHz, 8 GB RAM, 4 GB disk space, and the AMD Radeon HD7870 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 GPU, respectively.