If you are a PUBG fan, then I sure you saw a viral article stating that in India PUBG will be forbidden and the order has been declared by “Maharashtra High Court. “This viral post causes discomfort amongst the students.

Was the game prohibited? Is it true?

PlayerUnknown ‘s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is certainly the most popular game in India, with many rumors spreading around us. This is one such rumor, among all those rumors. A lot of universities and colleges have forbidden PUBG but the ban from the Maharastra high court is a complete fake.

The viral image, how true?

At multiple levels, the claims made in the viral image are fake. The image is extremely unprofessional in its language. This is more than enough to show that the order was actually passed by the court or a person who spreads the false information.

Documentary errors:

  • The document uses words like ‘majestratives.’ which is incorrect.
  • Statements like “All we have knew” are examples of incorrect language use.
  • The inclusion of ellipsis (three points) is another example of proving that it is not a professional paper.
  • The formats do not comply with any legal notice ‘s regulations. The use of a watermark and the wording of the subject line are further signs of an amateurish attempt to write a legal notice.
  • The letter claims to have been issued by the Maharashtra High Court. But by that name, there is no judicial body.
  • There is no such designation as a prejudge in the Indian High Courts, you are simply a High Court Judge. Or in the lower courts of India there are District Court judges. The prejudge to designation is a clear indication that this is false.
  • Finally, the bench of the Bombay High Court does not have a judge named K Srinivasulu. The website of the Bombay High Court shows a list of all the judges present at the court and this name is not on the list.

According to the different reports, this message spreads because the game has had a great impact on the younger generation and the game is too addictive. However, there are many apps that are also referred to as addictive, which does not mean that this particular app is banned every now and then.

So, if you are worried that your favorite PUBG game will be banned, it’s completely false news to my dear friends. You can continue to enjoy it.