In the last few months, PUBG has got a lot of flak. A couple of weeks ago, the game was prohibited in Gujarat because it was cultivated as the only cause of children’s distraction from study. The government of Rajkot issued a ban, so did the police in Ahmedabad.

The police arrested even some of the young people who laid PUBG in public places when they were captured.

However, society did not take a positive decision to ban the game. The police in Ahmedabad acted and finally withdrew the game ban.

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, PUBG is no longer prohibited. However, it is not clear that the ban has been levied or not from other cities like Rajkot, Surat, Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath, and Panchmahal.

Ahmedabad police commissar, A K Singh said, “as the examination session is over and the direct initiator for action is no longer valid, we will not reopen the proclamation and also considered the public interest.”

Tencent said in an article that PUBG Mobile is a game that is designed for entertainment and is to be played in “healthy and responsible ways.” PUBG Mobile also guarantees the introduction of what it calls “a healthy game system.” PUBG Mobile has assured players that a solution can be found.

Just to recall, the ban resulted in arrests, under section 188 and section 35 of the Indian Penal Code, of a number of students from Gujarat who played the open PUBG. PUBG has also introduced a six-hour limit on addiction to the game.

While PUBG has led to the death, arrest and many such things, my personal opinion stands for many users in India, because everything depends on the will of the users and their control on themselves, which can help users relieve themselves of their thirst and force them to make crimes.

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