Whenever something goes against our interest we feel unhappy, as we are attached to our views and beliefs.

We can’t tolerate any criticism and are not willing to accept that others may have different views.

If someone does something wrong or speaks bad about us, we use all our effort to prove that he/she is wrong.

Even sometimes we try to destroy others when things go beyond the limits.

But the question is, how many people can you change or control or destroy?

You might spend most of your energy to change or control others.

But if you think about that and look inside yourself. You can spend your energy and time by controlling yourself.

So, which is better?

Controlling all the others or just a single one which is you.

There is nothing wrong in blaming others for their mistakes as everyone thinks they are correct in their own perspectives.

But at the end of the day, who is the one to suffer?

How many people or situation can you control?

Can you have the total time to control every situation and people?

The only person you can totally control is you if you want to.

But do you do it?

Let’s take an example that we face in our daily life, traffic jams.

You want to reach your destination in time but got stuck in a traffic jam.

Most of us will be frustrated and angry, as we are not able to reach our destination on time.

Suppose you wanted to make a presentation when you reach the school.

Will you be able to make a good presentation?

You will be annoyed and filled with anger as it is going to affect your presentation.

Instead of being reactive you can be observant. You can call your institute or your friend to let them know about your traffic situation and apologize for the delay.

Promise yourself and to other members that next time you will start earlier to be in time. That’s under your control. Otherwise, you will be out of the team.

Now, you can observe what’s happening inside you and also around you at the traffic signal.

You can observe the situation and other people around you, how they are reacting to the situation.

We go to watch movies on the traffic signal by paying for a ticket; now you can actually watch a live movie without paying for it

Next time when you get stuck in a traffic signal remember this line:

“You can be more observant than reactive”

In the same way, if you want to score good marks in the examination and pass with flying colors, all these can happen when you look inside of you.

We usually blame teachers, parents, friends, and others for our mistakes and in the long run, we became victim to our own justifications.

If you want to control a situation or your life, you need to control and manage yourself.

The root cause of all the challenges is our mind.

If you can conquer your mind, you can conquer the world.

This will give you a clear picture to control yourself, control your mind, control your thoughts, control your actions and control your destiny.