You’ve heard of handsets with pop – up cameras, but what about phones with a full pop-up of the second screen? Although the entire concept sounds somewhat dull, it seems that is exactly what Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo can do with its latest patents.

OPPO has submitted a patent for two smartphone models that can enter in the future according to a report by LetsGoDigtial.

When folding phones like Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold launch into the new era of smartphone design, which provides users with a much wider screen, these Oppo patents look like handsets that offer a more affordable big screen experience.

It appears as if the first patent on a smartphone with a mini – pop – display is bored by the pop – up smartphone. The smartphone comes with a secondary screen that retracts and provides an enormous display.

According to the image, the front camera is placed on the main display together with the necessary sensors.

Although the design approach to smartphone design is totally different, it is definitely strange, and I don’t know if we really need one.

The second patent relates to a Smartphone slider, where the display slides and creates a smartphone with adjacent displays that reminds me of the side – slider devices, other than when the latter slides on the keyboard.

However, a pop-up screen would seem to offer a much wider variety of possibilities, unlike a pop-up camera designed to do only one thing. The additional display can be used for music or movies playback controls, a physical drawer to display all apps or even a superpower notification tray.

On phones with a screen on the side, this bonus display can help on-screen controls while playing to prevent your hands from disguising valuable real estate screens in titles such as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile.

In addition, the theoretical pop – up screen of Oppo could offer somewhat similar features but potentially higher durability and lower overall price, as an alternative to the upcoming handsets with flexible displays, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Now that this is only a patent, these ideas will always be fortunate never to leave the drafting table. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if these patents were made real in the not too distant future based on Oppos’s history in making innovative concept devices.