A beginner is always hard to start his programming career, collect the resources and get to know them. In my career, people around me continue to ask many questions and doubts from time to time. This blog is a collection of the most popular questions for beginners.

I’m older, is it all right to begin??

The most common question I am asked is that I am at the end of my work, or I am older than all other programmers in the field. Can I get them and be a professional?

In programming and computers, there is no age factor. I’ll say that I’ve met this one person at a hackathon, my real life experience. He was approximately 45 years old and at age 43 he began coding. He was a PHP developer.

The people were in groups at the hackathon but that person came alone. When the hackathon started, he continued to approach other groups and asked them about their projects. He asked if he could or could not help them.

You think or not, he was motivated at that age more than most youths who were there. Then he joined the team but they did not win. I saw him work for 2 days in a row even in the night. Therefore, if you believe your age is the problem then you are wrong because, when you’ve decided, nothing can stop you.


How can I afford I come from a lower class family?

The second major myth is that you must be rich in order to become a programmer. I laugh at them whenever someone says this.

Sometimes people even ask me to propose a good school for studying programming. You have plenty of free resources online. I also learned from them. Don’t think that free money isn’t as good as paid resources. The truth, however, is that most free resources are much better than those paid.

Some people even think that you need a powerful computer to code or run bigger issues. There are few resources like repl.it which allows you to learn and share your code online.

I accept that some high-end frames and applications need good computers, but that doesn’t mean you’re starting big. Take small steps and you who know you can earn and afford such a computer when you grow up at that level.

Money can certainly help you on your trip, but it never can fuel it. Go slower and try not to stop.


What language or technology should I start?

Nowadays, technology has grown to an unimaginable level. You can learn a million things. If there are many options, it’s always hard to choose between them.

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It doesn’t depend on what technology or language you have chosen but on your dedication. Everything is useful in some way or other. Choose your career as desired and begin learning.


Should I be good at math, for being a programmer??

For this question, a big NO. If you’re good at math, then your career is a mathematician, not a programmer.

Mathematics is useful only for a few times for advanced technologies. But, not all the time.

I saw a lot of programmers that aren’t good at math but still growing.


I’m a college dropout, do I need a degree?

Programming is the only field in which the number of people who drop out is higher than the graduates of the college. Yes, that’s true.

You need a degree for working somewhere else. But here, all you need in programming and computers. How many projects you have worked on and which technologies you know.

Tech companies want to hire people who are not just graduates but the people who know what they are doing and how to do it. A degree can never stop you to become a programmer but instead, it’ll help you to give more time on it.

There’s another story about a person who has finished primary school. He was so curious about computers that he didn’t go to school. He had a slow Internet connection of 512 kbps and an old CPU with a monitor that was half visible. He borrowed a keyboard from a friend because he couldn’t afford it.

After 6 years of fighting. Today, he owns two companies and one company identifies efficient programmers and helps them to be hired by top technology companies.

His hard work brought him out of all his fighting. This example may be sufficient to understand that a college degree is not required.



Technology grows day after day. Don’t wait and start now for the right time. Who knows you could be the next big engineer.

Never let your hustle and bustle cool down. Your hunger and fire let you fuel. Start today, you’re expecting a whole new world. A world in which you value your hard work instead of your money or college degree.