Growing up in a family in which you are always expected to do things the right way.

It becomes necessary for you to understand how important it is to fall down before standing up and taking a leap.

Life is all about hustling.

A caterpillar to a butterfly, a drop to an ocean, a seed to fruit all are the examples of how a journey is worth waiting for!

Everyone in the universe always goes through something. Sometimes people prioritize the problem they are going through instead of focusing on the solution they could evolve in that time.

You should know how it is to feel happy in your own norms rather than trying to fit in the norms set by others.

Life takes you up and brings you down so that you understand how worthy each journey from up to down and vice versa is.

Learning from things you do -wrong or right is the most crucial thing.

The peace you find being at the highs should be the inspiration of the patience you have at your lows and that is where you discover your own self, your worth.

So chin up, if it’s not making you happy, its not the end!