In fact, money plays a major role in the lives of people. It is not, however, the most important thing in the world, but then it is defined again as the primary tool for people to actually achieve what they want. Money can be precious, but it’s not the most precious. Basically, money can help you get stuff that you want and need, but money does not buy stuff that matters.

Late Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple Inc. is a perfect example of this. He earns billions of dollars a year, but no money could save his life when cancer hits him. In fact, money may be extremely important to survive and people who say otherwise believe totally in something other than that, but is this really the idea of living?

Some things are much more important than money.

1. Time
There is no question that time is much more precious than money. Just because you can’t take time back, you can never borrow time, but time is something you give!

The day must be cherished every minute and wisely spent. You could always make it back, or get it back if you want to waste your money, then I can do everything I can. A time invested correctly is regarded as a fortune.

You spend time with your loved ones is a perfect example of that. The problem for most parents with so much money is they forget that no money with their children can buy memories.

They might be rich in money, but they’re certainly poor in time.

2. Experiences
Hug someone. Kiss someone. Write a letter to someone describe how you feel about them. A marathon run (or walk). Enjoy a delicious meal all day long and eat it with candlelight. Make somebody’s love. In front of you, face the thing you fear most. The haste you have to experience something awesome is one of the best parts of being human, and the financial cost is most of the time minimal.

The moment when you are on your death bed, you don’t remember the money or property you own.

You only remember those experiences you had with the people around you.

3. Hobbies
You bring happiness into your life if you can discover personally fulfilling activities that fill your time. Many people go into routines by default and never ask if their choices bring true happiness and try to pursue a sense of happiness by buying stuff.

Take a step back from this. Try new stuff and dig into the things that you really like. Often, the simple things that bring us the greatest personal satisfaction are to play with our partner, go on long stroke, collect rock or leaves, painting etc.

Turn your hobby into your career and I assure you no one will ever be able to compete and you’ll reach high levels of success.

4. Communication
It is truly invaluable to express our thoughts and feelings to a welcoming audience. It allows us to share with other elements of our inner world, which can not be achieved by all the world’s material wealth.

Sharing your ideas with the outer world will lead you to a huge sense of satisfaction. Who knows your ideas might impact someone’s life in a better way that you never thought would happen.

5. Physical Fitness
Health cannot be purchased but the personal choices we make can be helpful. Training your body.

Eating Healthy food. Make less sedentary choices. Engage in activities that make us move. Practicing good hygiene.

The value of physical health required to enjoy life is diminished by money.

Money has become so important today because we have adapted our own lifestyle, and many of us agree more or less that it is hard to survive without money nowadays.

I know that money is important, but I don’t think it’s all that you can buy happiness from it somewhere. We have to decide the level of our personal needs and not only run a rat race to earn money.