India has the world’s cheapest mobile data at Rs. 18.5 or $0.26 per 1 GB, compared with the $8.53 or Rs 600 per GB average worldwide.

India offers a vibrant smartphone market with strong adoption and a large number of competitors in a country with a particularly very high level of technological awareness.

How Jio Changed Everything?

In the year 2016, the inclusion of Reliance Jio 4G telephone services, which caused a price war, can be attributed to the aggressive mobile data costs in India.

The firm offered free voice calls and low data prices, forcing competitors such as Airtel and Vodafone also to cut down their data plan rates.

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The way people use the Internet has been changed. Earlier people used to have 1GB of the internet for a month and they thought that was enough.

But nowadays, that 1GB of data also seems less for even one day.

Now that the Internet is so cheap, many people are now online.

Jio increased the YouTube watching hours and also gave an opportunity for new creators.

The competitive prices offered by Jio made the other competitors in the market to reduce their prices as well.

This price war led to the benefit of consumers and this indeed made India as the most used data country in the world.

Not only this, due to decreased prices. India also became the cheapest country to offer data.

Having such a huge population of youngsters and the advancement of technology led to a massive growth of data usage.