The last quarter of the 20th century galvanized an attempt both to explore and to preserve what was at stake, for the first moment, to the global degradation of natural environments and the threat to possibly millions of animals.

One needs to encourage a link with nature in order to participate individuals on economic problems such as the biodiversity crisis. This link should be based on a simple and convincing message on the significance and the danger of depleting wildlife.

Cinema provides a significant chance to share a message to a wider public.

Given their international reach, film depictions could be crucial in increasing consciousness and involvement with the public, as their mental implications for the viewer are increasing.

Movies provide potential ways for a broad crowd to share biodiversity, nature shows, and exotic or uncommon animals.

Although, Babul Films Society has recognized the importance of sharing nature conservation message through movies for a better impact on society.

The primary objective of the Short Film Festival is to promote and spread natural and biological habitats, by film and audio-visual work in a case linked to the environment.

As part of Babul Eco Film Fest BEFF 2019 and to celebrate the theme of World Environment Day, they are conducting a Short Film contest on the topic AIR POLLUTION

Here are a few rules for this Film Festival:

  • Films should cover air pollution topics. All genres, including documentaries, narratives, shorts, children’s films, and experimental films, PSAs are all welcome and will be given equal consideration. The quality of film production will also be considered and weighed. Animation includes: traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop motion
  • Film run-time: below 5 minutes [including credits]
  • Format: MP4 / AVI / MOV
  • Films shot on mobile are also accepted
  • Non-English films should have English Subtitles
  • Win Laurels and Cash Prizes worth INR. 10,000/-
  • Last date for submission: 26 MAY 2019

Entry fee 1000/- per entry. Students get 50% waiver in entry submission fees. For waiver code, please write to with the Student ID card copy.

For more info, you can check out their website here.

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