The most important skill of the 21st century is actually learning HOW to code. Computers have influenced our lives over the past decade and yet many of us don’t know how to code. This blog is specifically for them.
What is Programming??
You were not born with knowing even a simple thing like what is 2+4, your teacher or parents might teach you that.

In a similar way, the computer is also a small child. You should teach it by using programming.

The program you write for the addition of numbers is a way of teaching a computer how to add simple numbers.

That’s Programming.

Teaching a computer what to do.

The computer can do anything you want, but you have to be a good teacher to teach it.

1. Discipline and Structure
This is what I hear from people, programming takes a lot of time to learn and also effort. I accept that it takes a lot of effort but the time thing is not acceptable.

You can shorten your time period from 5 years to 1 year just by using your effort.

People think that by seeing other people they get motivated and that’ll help them to achieve more. But, the truth is motivation doesn’t work all the time. It has its ups and downs and sometimes it even fails.

But, when it comes to coding. You have to code every single day, whether you’re motivated or not. What you have to is BUILD DISCIPLINE AND STRUCTURE.

Some people say that it’s difficult to spend so much time daily. But careful planning and creating a schedule will help you to do every single day.

You have to create such a strong discipline that when the layer of motivation fails. You won’t stop. Stick up to the schedule you made.

Here’s a small tip, you can keep a small hour or two-hour blocks on your calendar that when you should code. Plan your day ahead and prepare a schedule for the other day. This would help you to get stick to it.

If you want this blog to actually have an impact on your life, and these are some of the goals you aspire for:

  • Becoming a professional developer and earning well.
  • Getting a job where you are appreciated and respected.
  • Being able to work wherever you want.
  • Most importantly, taking an idea in your head and making it a reality.

Then take notes from this blog. Because most of the people scroll down this blog just for entertainment without actually learning from it.

Even today, plan out your day for tomorrow and get started with the hustle.

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2. Soft Skills
You should understand, how soft skills work, like negotiation and your ability to work under pressure and understand how these principles work.

Never accept an offer that is too low for you. You don’t want someone to hire you for a job at a less salary. Yes, I understand that you want to build amazing things and create an impact on your and other people’s life. But all this comes down to a single road and that is money. Money is one of the most important aspects of your life.

What I want to say is, money gives you freedom and money gives the ability to what you want.

What you can achieve in 30 years can now be done in 10 years and what can be done in 3 years can be done in 1 year. In that way, you have cut down your time to one third and tripled your growth rate. That is why soft skills are important and also it doesn’t take much of your time but also the impact is very high.

Soft skill is a great example of the 80/20 rule. Where you spend only 20% of the time learning it and the impact that it creates on your life is 80%.

3. Mentorship

If you get a mentor in life, it is helpful in choosing the situations that are right for you rather than choosing the wrong ones.

For example, you can take your car and go to your destination without actually knowing it. In that way, you end up revolving the whole place again and again without actually reaching the destination. But instead of that what you can actually do is stop at different gas stations and ask for the address or simply follow the google maps.

Mentors have usually seen the paths that are going to come ahead of you. They tell you where to go. In that way, you don’t have to figure out the path on your own and fail.

Basically, if you’re the discoverer often times you get screwed over more than it actually helps you. So you want somebody who’s already kind of discovered the path and let them guide you.

For example, based on your skills and abilities they might be able to say that you can do data analytics in Python or you should become a data scientist or you should become a software developer or you should become a game developer.

All of a sudden a whole new world opens up for you and maybe what would have taken 10 years to figure it out you’ve found in a few seconds. That’s the power of mentorship.

I suggest you go to attend the places or communities and maybe you can find yourself a mentor there even if you have no money. Get yourself a mentor who can actually give you the results.

Discipline and structure give you freedom, puts you on your path to achieve your goals.

Soft skills can help to literally short cut your path from five years to just one year.

And mentorship can help you shortcut that path. But more than shortcut your path it can show you opportunities, you never even thought existed before.

See, what you can learn from this and commit to taking actions. Hope this has been really, really and really valuable for you.