In today’s fast-moving world, where everyone wants to have their own website. A domain name and server can’t be so affordable for most people. Therefore, why money should come between your objectives. Here are our resources that allow you to own a free domain and a server to create your own website.

STEP 1: GETTING A FREE DOMAIN, it is the first and only free domain provider in the world. All Freenom partners have 12 years of experience and the latest DNS technology. Freenom offers a number of free domains, such,.tk,.ml,.gq

Follow the below steps to register your free domain:

  1. Visit and check for domain availability.
  2. Freenom will show different suggestions and choose the domain according to your preferences.
  3. Choose the get now and proceed to checkout.
  4. You will see a 3 months free drop-down option, select 12 months as there. As default, Freenom only gives you 3 months free of charge. Click Continue and then proceed.
  5. Now, Freenom will ask you to sign in/ sign up.
  6. After that fill in your details as the website asks.
  7. That’s it, congratulations you now own a free domain.

Watch the below video to understand it completely:


 STEP 2: GETTING A free server

iFastNet powered InfinityFree. iFastNet developed a unique cloud hosting solution over the past decade. They were able to host much more accounts per server than with traditional hosting software, while keeping websites faster or faster than other hosting providers. This solution means that the server costs for individual accounts are very low.

Follow the below steps to register your free domain:

  1. Visit and then click on sign up now.
  2. Sign up using all your details.
  3. Click on the new account.
  4. Enter your domain in the right side and then update your DNS in your domain settings.
  5. That’s it, your account has been created.
  6. InfinityFree provides softculous apps installer which will help you to install various apps on your server.

Just for a note, infinity free doesn’t give you access to ask questions on their forum page. Yet they have a large collection of questions already answered.

These two steps can only be used for practical purposes, as the domain given by freenom cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Watch the video below to understand the whole process of getting a domain, server and SSL certificate free of charge:


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For free SSL certificate: CloudFlare