People who ever achieved an extraordinary result in their lives were initially criticized or labeled as fools; because they only could see their long-term outcome or vision.

Fear of criticism is one of the biggest obstacles in the path of success. Whoever has been successful in this world had to defeat this worst enemy – fear of criticism.

Some students refuse to set high goals due to the fear of criticism from friends and relatives.

Successful students consider criticism as feedback and opportunity for improvement.

Criticism is the measuring scale to inform you that you are doing something extraordinary.

Those who don’t do anything extraordinary in life don’t attract any criticism.

“Criticism is a part and parcel of successful student life.”

We can’t make everyone happy in the world. When you become serious in your studies and start practicing for your examination well in advance you will be able to give company to your friends.

Your friends may make fun out of your by calling you as a “bookworm”.

Fear of criticism is one of the common reason for students to avoid speaking on the stage in spite of having a strong desire to be a good public speaker and presenter.

Though Mrs. Sonia Gandhi could not speak proper Hindi, that has not to stop her to come on the stage and today she is one of the top leaders in the world.

It’s very easy to go on strike and show anger. Show commitment and work towards your task instead of taking the path to avoid studies.

Today if you are following strike to press your demands, tomorrow your children will also follow the same path because you impart the same values to your children. That day for god’s sake doesn’t blame your children for the behavior shown to you.

You focus on your task; you will get what you deserve. It may take some time, therefore we have to keep patience, punctuality, positive attitude and initiative to be successful.

It is not what others do but your own mistakes that hurt the most; it is our response to those provocations.

What people will say or do is under their control. But how will you react is under your control.

If anyone criticizes you to be a fool, you agree and say “Yes, I am fool or mad” and carry on your task.

In the long run, people will come to know who the fool is.

You can have control of your thoughts, and thoughts are generated from the mind. You can achieve mastery over your mind through conscious and continuous practice; Otherwise, compulsive thinking will take you over.

By controlling your mind you can control your destiny. Your mind and consciousness are your spiritual assets to protect and use it with the cave.

God has given us the will power to protect it from an evil purpose. Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habits.

You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no half-way compromise. The most practical of all methods for controlling the mind is the habit of keeping our mid busy with a definite purpose and definite goal in our life, not too different goals.

No one has learned everything from birth. We learn through making mistakes. How many times you have fallen down to learn walking? Please don’t get afraid to make mistakes to avoid criticism.

Criticism is your feedback that you are going to be an extraordinary person in the future. Coal has to go through extreme temperature and pressure to become diamonds, and these diamonds need cutting and polishing before they can be useful.

You are a rough diamond: dealing with criticism is polishing the diamond that is you.

Wish you all the success in your life.