From the beginning, people invented different things for their convenience. The fire was the first man-made invention and he never stopped after that.

Computers brought technology that has the power to work multiple times like no other human machine. It can carry out complex calculations, store storage, schedule arrangements and a lot more on one order. Over the course of time, computers have undergone many changes to become, the smartest machines in the world.

Our lives changed:

Take a moment to imagine your life on the internet or computer free world. That’s nearly impossible, I’m sure. All you see is there because of computers.

During the early days of computing, big industries or universities were could only afford them and a single person was not affordable. Later on, computers also became cheaper as the years went by and went to the common man ‘s desks.

The field of communication was revolutionized when computers were coupled with the Internet. It made communication over long distances much easier and less expensive.

Subsequently, computers became a source of jobs for many. Computers are currently used in a variety of ways to make money.

Getting Connected:

The web was the greatest innovation. They made advances in the memory, computing power and network speed in the early years.

As all people are the biggest social animals. they felt the need to share your feelings. This has led to social media growth.

In the past, people have been hard at sharing their ideas, values, and trade with others because they are far apart. Computers and the Internet cut the distance in the modern world and gave them the ability to connect.

There has been a huge increase in social networking. Sharing information to other parts of the world during an emergency disaster. This led to many lives being helped and saved.

Buisness Revolution:

Computers have certainly greatly revolutionized the company. In recent days, no person has been able to buy and send a product from his home. Now any product can be purchased from anywhere in the world and delivered in no time via e-commerce.

It took months for a company to make a declaration of profit and loss. This can be done in no time, and also in very precise comparison with the human brain with the advent of software. Rather than hiring several people at work, it was much more affordable to hire only one person and use a computer.

The traditional bookkeeping method for the manual storage of business data. However, data can be digitally stored and accessed at any time with large and faster memory options.

You can now transfer money in a matter of seconds from person to person, and it’s too secure. These trouble-free ways of transferring money have greatly increased the business.


Doubtless!! In the field of education, computers have made a massive makeover. A couple of years ago, if anybody had doubts, they couldn’t help him or her by getting a tutor. But now, your doubts are only a couple of fingertips away.

In the education sector, after the use of computers, teaching and learning have reached new levels. Each school wants its pupils to interact with and familiarize themselves with computers.

The way of raw classroom learning has changed into home schooling via the internet. In today’s world, different websites that are available online can always teach you new skills.

Libraries are digitally gone. From the days of a shop or a book, to the days when you can get a book and read a book on your smartphone or computer.

The Way We Think:

The most important things in our lives have been computers. It has in many ways changed how we think. All you have to do today is’ Google it’ if you need to find answers!

Computers have purchased blogging, instant messages, chatting, social networking, streaming of online video and more from us. The world has been entirely unimaginatively united by computers.

The computer is the best mass communication tool for communicating people’s views and opinionsĀ of the world.


Computers certainly brought us to see another world. This machine has changed the views of cultures, people, history and the economy of the world.

A revolutionary change has undoubtedly been achieved by the advent of computers. It also has some drastic effects, however. Thus it is still a great challenge to use a computer to develop the human race.