This blog is very special to me. As in this blog, I’ll show how blogging changes life’s of people and inspire you to take blogging seriously.

Can You Do Something That You Love To Do And Still Be Succesful?

Before understanding the above question I want you to think about this one thing before:

  • Can You Mix Hobby and Profession?

Have you ever thought that your hobby can potentially pay your bills and take blogging as your career path?

If blogging is executed correctly it can actually change your life.

All of us are good at something, you just have to be good at one thing.

All of us share our ideas with our friends or the people around us and we have been doing this throughout our life.

If you want to genuinely help someone by something that you are good at, you are going to obviously share your thoughts.

But the thoughts that run on your brain should not have a limit to your friends or family and the people around you.

Instead of that, you can start a blog.

Believe me, if I can do that everyone can too. It’s not rocket science.

Money, financial success or any other success you can possibly think of, that comes as a result of blogging would eventually start to come if you focus on blogging.

The main goal is to help your readers and share your thoughts to them.

If you start blogging, there is no guarantee of success.

For different people, there is a different definition of success. It might be financial success, experiences or opportunities you want to get.

But if you keep giving the inputs, one fine day you’ll surely get an output.

The Story Of My Blogging Journey

In this section, I want to describe how blogging changed my life and how did this journey begin.

All I wanted to do here is, inspire you with my blogging story and how it changed my personal and professional life.

It opened a door to a lot of opportunities, that I knew that never existed.

It gave me chance to do what I love full time, as it also started me paying a little bit.

In 2012, I got interested in computers and started breaking them to learn how they work.

At that time I discovered that this wonderful machine can do whatever we want.

It was like a genie, who can grant any wish. But instead of just 3 wishes, it had the power of infinite.

When I started learning about computers, I saw that they are no websites which explain small things which are useful in the simplest way possible.

From then I taught myself with different skills.

My friends used to ask me about different gadgets in the market and I used to suggest to them whether or not to buy them.

After some time I realized that whatever I learned in the past few years is useful for the people around me, as I was the only one who can explain them in a way that I thought someone might have done with me.

Then the idea of starting a Tech Blog struck my mind.

When I started my blog, I was the only one who kept writing different articles. But eventually, people came to know about it and within the span of  2 months we grew up to become a team of 5.

Today, HackGenTips started a project called Off-Topic which encourages young minds to have an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Soon the project Off-Topic will have articles from different people on different topics.

Can Anyone Become A Blogger?

We all have a desperate feeling inside of us to share the knowledge we possess to other people.

Whenever someone asks a group of people a question, including you.

Then what the human brain does is, it process the information to produce an output. But, in a group of people, different people have different capabilities. You might be the fastest one but the other might be still processing it.

If you’re the fastest one to process it, you are obviously the one who speaks it out.

This mentality of humans to share their knowledge as fast as possible to different people is what blogging is all about.

So if you are someone who loves to explain your thoughts to the outside world then you are obviously a blogger.

That means every human being on this planet is a blogger.

I can’t suggest you what the outcome will be, but if you keep giving the inputs the output will be certain to happen.

I don’t know what you enjoy talking about, I don’t know what you are good at but I can confidently say that if you share those thoughts to others then you are going to have a wonderful experience.

Blogging will have a huge impact on your life, no doubt.

You need to go ahead, write an article and then publish it.

You need to think in this way if your friend needs advice from you and you think you are the best person for it.

Then how would you help him?

All you need is write your advice in a blog and then publish it.

I can confidently say that your thoughts and opinions will be of great value.

Take my word and get started for it.