What do you need to get started? A fantastic idea? A fantastic team? Money? Yes. All these things. But it’s the belief that is more than anything it takes.

A belief that the problem being addressed has significance and that the solution is something the consumer wants. It’s really amazing how most big businesses start up with such humble stories. They all started with nothing but plain conviction.

HackGenTips was started by a team of undergraduates in December 2018. As being technology enthusiasts we thought of explaining technology to the outer world in a simpler way.

With that goal in mind, we started our journey as a tech blog.

After a couple of months, we realized why the only tech? Why don’t other topics as well?

We thought to bring out the writer’s inside people and with that, we started a project called ‘Project Off-Topic’ where people used to express their views and imaginations in the form of blogs.

After that, we entered into the educational industry with a project called GeopByte. Presently, we are working to develop courses as per the curriculum.

The main goal of GeopByte was to provide quality education at free of cost to college students in the form of a website.

Next, we started a small YouTube channel with the name Geop Byte to showcase our ideas in the form of videos and become a part of the YouTube community.

After all that we didn’t settle, we collaborated with CR8V CLIKS to design the websites for small and medium scale businesses.

As of today, we even launched our Android App on to the play store. So, our blogs can reach out to people directly on to their phones.

Presently, HackGenTips is a part of 3 start-ups, runs a YouTube channel, has an Android App on Play Store and most importantly encouraged young writers to express their views to the world.

We didn’t settle after this, we are still working dedicatedly to make a profitable business out of all our start-ups before our graduation gets completed.

This all happened because of you beautiful viewers, whose comments stood as motivation, whose views were an encouragement, whose time showed us the worth, whose reviews made us grow and mostly the support which was a backbone to us.

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