There’s not much change in the look and feel of railway stations across the country. However, the next time you enter any major railway stations, don’t forget to register for Google’s Railwire free Wi-Fi internet. The speed and confidence of the connection will surprise you.

While free Wi-Fi is a must for international airports, passengers in over 100 railway stations across India can now enjoy a similar experience.

In my recent trip to Mumbai from Hyderabad. I’ve tested out this service in every station and I was left speechless because of the speed that this network provided.

How Do We Connect?

This is very simple. Open Wi-Fi and select Railwire on your smartphone.

You will be requested to enter your mobile number to receive an OTP code from a pop-up Chrome window.

Enter an OTP mobile working number. Once you have received the OTP through SMS, enter it for free access to the internet on the website.

Note that to request an OTP, you can enter any working mobile number. And you’ll need a new OTP every time you sign in.

Are There Any Boundaries?

Accordingly, for the first half an hour, Internet speed is 24 Mbps and then dropping to 1 Mbps. You can remain connected all day long.

Which content or website you can visit is not restricted. You can do anything you feel totally free to do.

Unfortunately, recent news reports have highlighted that the majority of users surf this free service for porn videos. “Indoor stations (in Mumbai) use free Wifi to view porn are used by several non-commuters.

They’re driven out by the Railway Protection Force (RPF), but in some way, they’re getting sneaked in again, ” an HT official said. Porn sites at Patna have reportedly been blocked to avoid misuse of the free high – speed Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is designed to view uninterrupted video, download movies, songs, passenger games in the train station.

The Innovation Into Digital World

I can easily say that it’s one of the most successfully used public Wi-Fi in India after having tried out the free Google Railwire Wi-Fi service in different stations.

With millions of people, every day falling by, ensuring stable Internet access for all and promising unlimited and unrestricted Internet access is an enormous question.

This is a necessary relief for Digital India and will open a way for the provision of Internet connectivity in the future by other government organizations.

The Google Railwire project is not disappointing with internet speed. The connection speed, however, fluctuates.

You can easily continue your daily activities such as browsing, WhatsApp, Facebook, light gaming etc, but when you play HD videos on YouTube you can not ignore the slight buffer time.