Google, the tech giant, played the prank of two April Fools this year. The company’s Google Maps application introduces the classic Snake arcade game and also introduces a new Screen Cleaner feature in its Files Go App.

The Snake Game

Google reimagines the classic game for Google Maps as part of the April Fool’s Day effort, which is truly a nice treat. The game can be played on the Google Maps app of both iOS and Android versions.

Users of the Google Maps are able to play by touching the “Play Snake” option on the left side of the search bar. Because this is the vision of Google for the game, there’s no snake in it and you’re a public vehicle instead.

You can select from Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo or World in the start screen. The public vehicle will be a bullet train when you select Tokyo and it will be a cable car if you select San Francisco.

The game will be rolling out worldwide and will continue this week. You can even play it on your desktop via your Google Maps site.

The Ultimate Screen Cleaner

Google just announced that it now has a brand-new Android feature designed to keep the smartphone screen clean and always fresh.

This feature is well known as Screen Cleaner and is revolutionary, eliminating the need to wipe your phone’s display manually when it gets dirty.

The company also published the new feature in a video. Google has developed an API to identify dirt and smudges on the display of your smartphone.

The dirt and residues are targeted and removed from the screen by means of microwaves after detection.

Once done, the feature uses the vibrating motor of your phone and haptic controls to create macro vibrations that will form a non-stick shield around your smartphone and keep your device sparkling and clean.

Make sure you have the updated version of the app to use the feature. You can see the Screen Cleaner option by activating it when you open the Files app. The function will be activated and the cleanup process started after you have clicked on the activate button.

You will see an’ sparkling clean’ message on your screen once it is done.

You can download Files Go from here

Previously this app was used to clean up the junk files and organize the files & folders within the phone.