1. Patience
  2. Punctuality
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Initiative

1. Patience:

It is one of the most important qualities for improvement in life.

Nothing happens overnight. It takes time to achieve our goal.

Patience to persist with will power will help you to achieve your objectives.

If we want better results in our exams, we must have the patience to read lessons every day, till our exam days are over.

Are our educationist fools to allocate 4 years of time to complete the engineering course, if we can complete it reading in the last month?

For example,

If we want to bake a cake, we have to have at an even temperature for a specific period of line.

If we want a cake in a short time and place it at a high temperature, we will get a burned cake.

In the same way, we get burn out if we put ourselves under high pressure just before the exams.

2. Punctuality:

Everyone has got 24 hours in a day.

If I am not “punctual”, then I am not respecting another person’s time.

If I don’t respect others, I can’t expect to repeat from others. I will not be able to work in a team and will be left behind. I must be punctual to attend m classes in time and be present in time for all group activities.

3. Positive Attitude:

Every incident has a positive and negative aspect. How we take the incident depends on our awareness and attitude.

If a teacher is scolding, he is giving feedback to improve in our studies.

Some teacher may not be good in giving feedback in an appropriate method ad we may get upset.

It’s our duty to study well and pass out all the exam papers with flying colors.

Sometimes we focus so much on other’s negative aspect we forget to look towards our own negatives.

4. Initiative:

We always like a student who takes initiative by himself to take up the task instead of waiting to be told.

If you are not clear in any subject, it is your responsibility to take the initiative and clear your doubts from teachers, classmates, seniors, reference book and from the internet in the Infomation age.