Facebook is finally developing the long-awaited WhatsApp for iPad. The native version (which is not based on Whatsapp Web) is finally available on a large screen with every function of the phone application.

The app is currently only available in internal testing without the reliable WABetaInfo but is not yet available to anyone outside.

However, for those curious about the Apple iPad app, a few screenshots from the still-developing app have been shared by WABetaInfo. The app opens like the WhatsApp on iPad for iOS and can be used after users log into the app with another phone. Interestingly, while WhatsApp’s iPad app’s features remain the same as its iPhone app, the UI was completely redesigned to make the app compatible with the iPad.

The hat screen and call screen have been redesigned for the first time in a split view, which makes the overall experience very similar to that of the WhatsApp Web UI. The status screen and the call screen were not redesigned, however, and the views on the iOS app in WhatsApp are exactly as they are.

In addition, the app was found to feature a Touch ID to allow users to natively lock the app.

It’s not yet clear how the app handles identity, something it usually does via your phone’s SIM, but the app can be a harbinger for the integration of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram that Facebook has been promising this year for some time.

Notably, when the company releases its standalone Apple iPad app there is no official word to speak. However, with reports indicating that the app is already being developed, it could be expected to occur earlier than expected.