After the flourishing publications in social media urged females and kids in the state to remain indoors because many had missed, the police explained on Monday that these posts are nothing but false news.

It has been revealed that 540 individuals have been missing in Telangana during the last ten days. The police, however, explained that 222 individuals had already been traced, none of which had been suspected of being abducted. The cops also explained that people are regularly missing, whether it be in crowded government locations or for unforeseen reasons.

While there are some misrepresentations, social networks have flooded with messages like “Ask females not to go out.” A top policeman in the state said that every effort is made to keep track of the missing and added that there is no need to worry.

In Telangana from 1 June to 10 June, a total of 540 individuals were allegedly missing, and the Hyderabad Police had tracked 222 individuals.

Nevertheless, 318 are still untraced. Of the 318 people who had been absent, there were 161 females, 117 adults, 29 girls, and 11 children.

Social media have been flooded by fake news that warns Telangana individuals not to allow females and kids to go alone, which causes people’s fear.

The DGP has tweeted to tell individuals not to be worried by taking quick action to reduce false news. For the same, a press release was issued.

He added that not all of the missing persons had been abducted and some could have rushed away because of the examination outcomes.