Why don’t people choose a single life partner?

Why don’t they choose their first decision wisely?

Why don’t they understand that the decision they take is a life long decision?

Why don’t they understand that there is only one true love, one heart, and one destiny?

How can a person have the same feeling on another person?

Few months lo love adey few months lo breakup

Love meeda nannamkam lekunda chestunaru…

Koni breakup lu marriage kudarodu ani, kondaru chinna chinna fights vala, inka kondaru sariga understanding leka, annumanalaa vala etc…

Decision teskunapudey correct ga alochinche teskondi edhi life long and only one decision.

So take the right decision!!

Aa age lo em cheyalo adey cheyande.

Study lo study cheyandi and while taking decisions think about your parents…

Vallu me pakaney unnatu imagine cheskonde ala chestey life lo wrong step vehyaru…

Have Patience!!

Wait for your true love!!

Think carefully before getting into a relationship.

Since that’s going to lead to the marriage which is eternal.

Loyalty, trust, respect, understanding, and compromise are the five ingredients for a pure and healthy relationship.